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When you join growing old disgracefully you can:

  • Attend local group meetings (they are usually held once a month)
  • Join the online group – who are known as Cybergoddies
  • Go to regional and national events
  • Receive the newsletter

Who can join?

There is no lower age limit. You are never too young or too old to start growing old disgracefully!

We welcome women from all backgrounds and ask that our members are inclusive and supportive of each other.

Most of our members are in the UK but there are also members in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

How much is it?

Membership costs just £25 a year, money goes to services for members, such as the newsletter “Network News”, which is sent each quarter, and this website.

If you choose to receive electronic copies of your newsletter then you can have a voluntary discount of £10.

This means annual membership costs £15. Events cost extra, but there is a confidential bursary fund to help those who may need it.