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The South Downs g.o.d. group

The South Downs g.o.d. group, which has just been launched in West Sussex, welcomes women who want to live life to the full to join them.

We held our first meeting recently and plan to hold regular monthly get togethers, with other more casual activities in between.

It has also been suggested that we set up a WhatsApp group to enable us to communicate directly with one another. For instance if it is a lovely sunny day and one of us fancies a countryside walk, we could ask if anyone else wants to join us. If the weather is foul one of us might suggest meeting up for a coffee or a pub lunch.

Most importantly, as this group is in its infancy, it would be up to all members to discuss what they hope to get out of our group. This will help us to go forward and build a supportive network of women, as well as having lots of fun!

By experiencing new challanges and interests, we can prove to ourselves and others, that advancing years are no barrier to living life to the full.

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