If you are an older woman who wants to make friends, have fun and grow, our network might be just what you’re looking for. With us you will find new ideas, and a different approach to life.

...as one of our members says:

“There is something about the atmosphere that’s created at a g.o.d ‘do’ that I’ve never found anywhere else. It’s just a pity that it’s so difficult to explain to other people exactly what we’re about – it’s something that has to be experienced.”

Some History

Growing Old Disgracefully began in 1988 as a course for older women at The Hen House, a women’s holiday and study centre. From one course in the first year it rapidly grew to six in 1991.

“Growing Old Disgracefully” was published in 1993, and generated a great deal of interest from women all over the UK and beyond. A few years later the same six women wrote a second book called “Disgracefully Yours”. The first book is still available and can be purchased second hand from Amazon. You might find copies in your library too.

The enthusiasm of women who identified with the ideas expressed in the books, as well as media interest, resulted in the creation of a network of women across the UK. This network spread to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Jersey, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Since then, hundreds of women have benefited from membership of the growing old disgracefully network. They have found not only great events and activities, but friendship, support, and a lot of laughter!

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