What our members say

Here are some comments from members of the growing old disgracefully older women’s network.


It has been a revelation to meet with so many lively-minded women of the third age and to have their companionship at residential events. They have given me support and encouragement to live a full life, to laugh, play and dance regardless of infirmities and to tackle the problems of ageing, in discussions and workshops. I always come away from meetings with more confidence and a lighter heart.
Joyce D, Gloucestershire

The best moments of g.o.d. have been deeply shared and magical and real – going way back – bringing tears to my eyes again as I remember them.
Mary C, Stockton-on-Tees
alma-slides-at-tateAs a first-timer I found the whole experience of the Annual Gathering very inspiring. To meet so many warm and wonderful women and feel instantly at home in such a large gathering is a testament to the whole ethos of growing old disgracefully.
Val M, Worcester    

Did you ever have better friends, friends you feel safe with, friends you can tell everything you want to? Even things you’re uncertain about, you’re afraid of, you’re ashamed of, what you never told anyone? Friends you can laugh with, cry with, entirely disagree with? And all that reachable at the tip of your fingers, 24 hours a day, absolutely safe and trustful. Well, that’s why I, living far away from all of you, became a Cybergoddie [member of the growing old disgracefully email group].
Alma H, Amsterdam

I’ve learnt that getting older isn’t really a barrier to anything.
Chris B, Devon

Being childlike again amongst so many relaxed, uninhibited women, connecting in a most remarkable way, I go away proud to be part of this brilliant network.
Annie C, London

The lasting benefits I’ve taken from the experience are inspiration and a sense of fun; I haven’t laughed so long or so hard in ages! Thank you to all the amazing women I met, you’ve filled me with optimism and enthusiasm for the years ahead.
Anne C, Lancashire
judith in gliderI feel that I have been revalidated, as though I had been rubber stamped with the words: “High quality human being in full running order”.
Judith T, Hertfordshire

Please, don’t change the name.  It is great to know that we are, yes, old and getting older, but we’re not the non-sexual individuals society thinks us to be, but vibrant women living our lives to the fullest, and having fun living.
Christine Z, Canada

The workshops for me put the future in its right perspective and took away the fear of getting older. The whole three days were invigorating, inspirational and exploratory, if at times mentally challenging. Long live the Network.
Joyce W, Essex

older-woman-playing-ballAs I see it, growing old disgracefully is about an inner journey for each … to find our own self worth.
Mary W

I like the way we mature “wimmin” help each other meet the challenges that life brings us, offering understanding, support and, most importantly, laughter, as we embark on what often seems a risky venture.
Joan M, Suffolk

I have just returned from the Annual Meeting at Cambridge – my first one, and I was bowled over by the incredibly vivacious, wonderful women there, and fun and companionship I experienced.
Edith J, Richmond


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