g.o.d. groups

growing old disgracefully has a network of local groups throughout the UK. Each has its own programme of events and activities.

Most groups meet monthly, in meeting rooms or sometimes in a member’s house, or the group may sometimes choose to go out on excursions.

Your local group may hold workshops, do various creative activities, have discussions or just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

hw-at-the-racesA day out at the races



and below, a singing session

Bellesize singing workshop-2-edit-clip_opt
durham--lunch-out                                     Out to lunch



When you enquire about membership, we send you an information pack with a list of the local Group Contacts, so you can contact the one nearest to you. Group Contacts also
receive a list of prospective members, so they can contact you to give you more details. You will be able to visit a local group up to three times to see if it is right for you, before you decide to join.

If there is no group in your area yet – and you think you would like to set one up, we give you both practical and financial help to do this, with support from experienced members.

We also have the Cybergoddies, an email group, who “meet” with each other on line.
older-women-network-friendsSome Cybergoddies are in a local group as well, some are not.


You can join the local group that is nearest to you, or that is easiest for you to get to.  On the map when you click on a marker the postcode generally indicates the address of the contact person.  In a few cases it is the address of the group’s regular meeting place.

Click on a marker to find a local group near you

There are 3 groups in London – you will need to zoom right in to see all of them and make all the markers large enough to click