growing old disgracefully holds the following national and regional events. To see what kinds of local events there are, visit the What we do page.

The Annual Gathering


Annual Gathering fun



The g.o.d. Annual Gathering is a 3-day event held in a different  part of the country each year. We have outings, entertainment, workshops and of course the chance to renew friendships and make new ones. We also have our annual meeting, where reports and accounts are presented, we think about our new officers, and deal with members’ issues and resolutions. In 2016 the Annual Gathering will be held near Shrewsbury from Tues 30th August to Friday 2nd September.


      An Annual Gathering discussion

The g.o.d. Experience

The g.o.d. Experience is a highly recommended introductory event for those members who haven’t been to a g.o.d. residential event before. It lasts 5 days and aims to give new members a real insight into the ethos of the Network, whilst having a lot of fun. The course is led by experienced g.o.d members, and normally has about 18 to 20 participants. This event is open to women who have not yet joined g.o.d. Experience Week takes place every other year – the next one will be in 2017.






Activities at Experience Week 2015

The g.o.d. Renewal

The g.o.d. Renewal (also a 5-day event) gives those members who have attended a residential course a chance to meet up with old friends. This programme is planned, organised and delivered by those attending. Renewal week takes place annually and usually has about 15 or 16 taking part.

g.0.d. hug at Knuston_opt

Regional Gatherings

The Regional Gatherings are for one or two days.  They are very similar to the Annual Gathering but there is no business meeting.


A north-west Regional Day – learning to clog dance

Local g.o.d. groups

Groups organise smaller events and activities, usually monthly, in the areas where they are situated. Please see the g.o.d.groups page.

Unofficial  Gatherings

These are organised by groups or individual members as informal get-togethers, or for special activities such as sailing, walking etc. Sometimes they are just for a holiday! They are advertised to all members.

 About our events

We always make sure to cater for diets and disabilities at our national events. There is a Bursary Fund to assist those who have difficulty affording the costs of attending. The fund is available to all members who have been in the Network for at least 3 months, and of course it’s entirely confidential.

If you’re interested in joining growing old disgracefully, have a look at the Join us page, or see which group is nearest you.